UPA | Pasadena Divison

United State Professional PoolPlayer Association

The UPA (U.S. Professional Poolplayers Association) brand represents the ideal in the sport of pocket billiards in the United States, formed in January, 2002 by professional players. The UPA Brand is positioned well for the future as the standard bearer for the evolution of the sport adopting the motto: "The Evolution of Pool." -UPATOUR

Pasadena League Operator

With its popularity rising in the east coast, UPA has made its appearance for the first time in west coast with the help of it's new League Operator, Jon Lanzetti. Lanzetti has always been an avid pool player, and former BCA member, and because of his love of the game he wanted to help established UPA right here in California, starting with Pasadena, for pool lovers like him can further enjoy the game.


Teams are made of 5 main player and 3 alternates. Each player will be determine a skill level and each team will have a skill cap of 28 points. Every Wednesday night at 7:30pm two teams will go against one another at their schedule venues. Each season will varie depending on how many teams are participating. At the end of each season 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams will be given cash prices. For more information about the Official UPA Rules please click the link below or contact our League Operator using our contact form.

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